Summary of Our Services

We are a family-owned business serving a select group of individuals, families and business owners in all areas of financial planning. Our advice is provided on a fee-only basis without commissions or products to sell.

  • Retirement & Financial Planning - We assist clients in developing and sustaining a comprehensive financial plan that addresses many of the bullet points below. Your personalized plan will provide clear guidance on the necessary steps and actions required to reach your goals. We will also help you maximize the value of your Social Security benefits and various accounts (employer-sponsored retirement plans, IRAs, college savings accounts, health savings accounts, etc.) to ensure that you are not missing opportunities to improve your financial situation.
  • Investment Advisory Services - Once your financial plan is agreed upon we will execute the plan through consistent, disciplined investment management and attentive local account servicing. We can tailor your portfolio to align your investments with your moral beliefs on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG investing).
  • Tax Management - In implementing your financial plan we seek to incorporate tax-efficient strategies such as tax-free municipal bond income, Roth IRA conversions, and tax-loss harvesting. Our aim is to help you capitalize on opportunities for improvement wherever they arise.
  • Estate & Legacy Planning - We provide valuable education on strategies aimed at preserving wealth for your heirs, reviewing beneficiary designations for consistency, and presenting alternatives that can help mitigate exposure to estate taxes and probate costs. Throughout this process, it is crucial for us to collaborate closely with your tax and legal advisors.
  • Education Funding & College Planning - The funding of your child or grandchild's education is often a significant part of the financial planning process. We can provide guidance in identifying the optimal savings and investment strategy tailored to your specific needs. This may involve the use of vehicles such as 529 college savings plans, Roth IRAs, educational savings accounts, and UTMAs or UGMAs.
  • Insurance & Risk Management - One of the primary challenges for young families and business owners in achieving a successful financial plan is the potential impact of the premature death or incapacitation of an owner or income earner. Likewise, for retired couples, the rising costs of long-term care present a significant risk. Our role is to assist you in recognizing these risks and educate you on mitigation strategies. These discussions commonly involve exploring options such as life, health, disability, and long-term care insurance. It is important to note that we do not sell insurance. Our advice is  free from any commission-generating motives.
  • Liability Management - Liability management is an important part of financial planning. We will carefully evaluate your existing liabilities and ensure that appropriate solutions aligned with your best interests are implemented.
  • Business Retirement Plans - We consult with business owners to create and maintain a retirement plan that meets the owner's needs and helps employees become retirement-ready. BKM's advisors act as section 3(21) fiduciaries, as defined by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. We handle the coordination of plan design, provider search and selection, and investment research and monitoring. Comany retirement plan options often include 401(k), profit-sharing, SEP IRA, Simple IRA, and pension plans. Once the plan is in place, we offer continuous education for plan participants and conduct regular plan reviews for the business owner.

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